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About Us

Chadwick - Real Time Sports Commentary

Do you want to follow your favorite team, but can't get to a TV to watch the game? Are you about to tune in, but want to know what happened earlier? Do you want to follow several games at once?
Using our proprietary artificial intelligence technology (patent pending), we generate instant commentary and updates on live sporting events, keeping up with the events on the field in real time. We also find out the most relevant Twitter updates from expert sources, using our mathematical model of the game to find the best nuggets of information.
Our motto: everything you need to know about the game, delivered in real time.
Check out our live demonstration of the Chadwick technology for every NCAA basketball game of the 2011-2012 season. We will have the same for every NBA game, as well. We are developing a system for NFL football, and we think this technology will be useful for non-sports applications, as well.
We think that the Chadwick technology is not only a great way to follow the game, but also provides excellent live game writing for "second-screen" TV watching applications. If you are interested in partnering with Chadwick or in learning more about our technology, please follow us on Angel List, or contact our team directly through LinkedIn.


After spending 3+ years at Google New York as a search algorithms engineer, Nikolai has spent the last year and a half developing Chadwick from a tool to follow his Terps basketball team, to something that tells you everything you need to know about a basketball game, in real time. At Google, he worked on the general search algorithm, as well as the spelling correction ("did you mean") system, specialized search engines, and on automatic document classification for search, spam detection and Google Product Search. Prior to Google, Nikolai attended the University of Maryland and Columbia University, where he earned degrees in math and computer science.
Sergei Burkov co-founded and led three startups: Bilbo Innovations, Invincible (acquired by VASCO Data Security) and Dulance, a product search engine. The latter was acquired by Google, where he became the first head of its Moscow, Russia R&D Center. Sergei is a PhD Physicist who worked at leading American Universities, including Cornell and University of Wisconsin.