Chadwick OKC vs DET. 2012-Nov-12, Mon

Thunder 30:31 Pistons

Q2-9:52 30:31. The lead's changing back & forth. Pistons leads Thunder 31-30, early Q2.

Q2-10:36 28:27. Jonas Jerebko travels! He's cold off the bench with 2 turnovers and 2 fouls in the last five min. Pistons trail Thunder 28-27, early Q2.

Q2-10:59 28:27. Another layup for Rodney Stuckey! He's getting inside early for Pistons. Pistons trail Thunder 28-27, early Q2.

Q1-0:00 25:23. Very few treys taken here early! Thunder have only taken 1 trey (0-1 3FG) and Pistons have only taken 2 treys (1-2 3FG). Thunder lead 25-23, late Q1.

Q1-1:00 23:22. Another miss for Tayshaun Prince! He's cold with 2 missed FG and a foul in the last five min. Pistons trail Thunder 23-22, late Q1.

Q1-1:54 21:18. Russell Westbrook has been picking Pistons pockets, racking up 3 steals while keying the Thunder defense.

Q1-2:50 18:16. With a quick 6-0 run, Thunder take a 18-16 lead against Pistons, late Q1! Thunder are getting inside at will!

Q1-3:01 16:16. Will Bynum is in foul trouble, just picking up his 2nd foul. He played sparingly with 2 pts (1-1 FG) in 2 min.

Q1-3:20 16:16. Another assist for Kevin Durant! He's energizing Thunder with 3 assists, 3 pts and a board to start the game.

Q1-5:05 8:11. Back & forth with Pistons and Thunder trading baskets. Pistons leads Thunder 11-8, mid Q1.

Q1-7:05 6:9. Brandon Knight misses another jumper, shooting 0-2 FGs! He's struggling with the jumper early. Pistons lead Thunder 9-6, mid Q1.

Q1-7:13 6:9. Russell Westbrook has gone cold (2-6) from the field to start the game, but still leads Thunder offense with 4 pts (2-6 FG).

Q1-8:03 4:9. With a quick 6-0 run, Pistons take a 9-4 lead against Thunder, early Q1!

Q1-8:34 4:7. First missed FT for Jason Maxiell! He stays cold with a missed FT, a turnover and a miss to start the game.

Q1-10:19 2:3. Pistons take their first lead of the game with a Rodney Stuckey layup, up 3-2, early Q1!

Q1-11:45 0:0. We are underway! Pistons hosts Thunder.

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